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Chila for Fun creates handmade crochet and knit designs. Many designs are one of a kind pieces, but there is also the accessibility to custom made avant-garde and couture creations, exclusively for each client.

A little after 9/11 I taught myself how to crochet and began using it therapeutically, as a stress reliever. I began creating one of a kind pieces for family and friends and people started inquiring where they could purchase items. 


I decided to begin my business after receiving a high volume of potential clients looking to buy my product. I named my business Chila for fun, as my nickname is Chila. My logo is a chilly pepper, as Chila is the feminine spelling of Chile. My collection is sexy and because it’s hot like the pepper and fun because the colors and the designs are usually bright, innovative and often Avant-garde.

Cecilia Fabian

Chila was born in El Salvador and grew up in Korea Town of Los Angeles. At a young age she always felt inclined to fashion and creative designs. After college she relocated to NYC where fashion was definitely a big impact in her life. After the world trade center disaster she fell into a depression and picked up crocheting as a form of therapy, and soon her unique creations became popular among young people. Soon she began doing Fashion Shows for charity and show casing during fashion week. Chila sketches and free-hands many of her designs. She instructs and trains young inspiring models, promotes photographers, make up artists, and hair stylists. Chila for Fun collection is a motive for happiness, with vibrant colors and fun ideas being a signature of the brand.


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